Perpetual planet




                          Perpetual planet

                          A trusted instrument of discovery, the Rolex chronometer has, for nearly a century, accompanied explorers and adventurers into the planet’s wildest, most challenging realms – from its deepest oceans to its highest peaks, its remotest caverns to its lonely poles – unfailingly keeping track of time and helping to advance our knowledge about the world we share.

                          Our commitment has grown as the necessity to preserve the natural world and the systems that sustain life becomes paramount. Today, with a renewed sense of urgency, Rolex supports pioneering individuals and organizations finding solutions to safeguard the planet for future generations.

                          It was very lunar, a very desolate place. My feeling was one of complete isolation from all of humanity. I felt like, literally in the space of one day, I had gone to another planet and come back.

                          A long-standing passion for adventure

                          Mountain exploration

                          The history of Rolex and exploration is one linked to some of the greatest adventures of the past century.

                          Oyster watches have been to the top of the world and the deepest part of the ocean. For generations, pioneering explorers have attested to their reliability in the toughest of conditions.

                          Meet the Master Photographer on a Mission to Help us See the Sea

                          David Doubilet

                          Without photography, the world beneath the ocean’s surface would remain an unseen mystery for most of us.

                          Pioneering underwater photographer David Doubilet—whose first photo was published in National Geographic in 1972—has dedicated his life to capturing the action, drama, and poetry of our oceans and bringing those images back to the surface for those of us who might never see those sights with our own eyes.

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