Perpetuating knowledge



                          TIME FOR THE EXACTING WORLD OF SCIENCE

                          Perpetuating knowledge

                          The science of precision has inspired the creation of Rolex chronometers for five generations – precision that is founded in a scientific understanding of time and materials, their origins and interaction with one another.

                          Born of an age of science, Rolex employs the ever-advancing frontier of human knowledge in the creation of its instruments – but we also enable science itself, bringing the dimension of measured time to the exploration and discovery of new worlds. Rolex supports individuals and organizations working across the sciences, believing that no challenge is so great that human wisdom, ingenuity, determination and skill cannot overcome it.

                          I knew that it takes years, even decades, for modern vaccines to reach the under-resourced regions of the world – yet most of the deaths from infectious disease occur there. I also knew that state-of-the-art vaccines are often far too expensive for mass campaigns in developing countries.

                          Mark Kendall, 2012 Rolex Laureate, Science & HealthRead more

                          A bridge to the future

                          Rolex and EPFL

                          Rolex has had a long, mutually rewarding relationship with the EPFL, the world-leading Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

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